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How We Got Started:   After retiring as Director of Quality from a large New Hampshire manufacturing company, Larry thought that turning his vintage fountain pen hobby into a website business would be a good way to spend his new found leisurely time.  We have always loved fountain pens – there’s no writing experience like holding a vintage pen in your hand. Every pen has a uniqueness about it – smooth nibs, scratchy nibs, nibs that flex, they are all wonderful - and throw in various types of inks and papers and there’s nothing like it.   With 25 years of collecting and restoring vintage fountain pens, Larry thought helping other people pursue their hobby or business would be a worthwhile endeavor.

Starting the business was slow at first - offering a few different sacs on Ebay (February 2011) to see how things would go. That went very well - sales were great.   The next step was looking for vendors willing to sell to an upstart internet company, and finding the right items to present to our potential customers.   Our goal was to find tools and accessories that Larry had personally used over the years – time tested – ones that he knew wouldn't sit on someone’s workbench – tools that were indeed needed.  Eventually, we found enough sources to open Fountain Pen Sacs.Com ( in early July of 2011 and her sister site Pen Sac Store.Com ( later that year.

Our My Mission Statement Was Simple – sell at a reasonable price with minimal profit, keep shipping costs down and provide the very best customer service possible – treat our customers as we would want to be treated.   Our thought was that by operating in this manner people would come to our website and in the long run would purchase more from us then if we were to make big profits on each separate order.   And come they did, our first year was incredibly successful - actually beyond our dreams.   The second year – WOW - almost doubling the first.

Our Daily Business Practice:   Our service is fast, friendly, and courteous with great communications and incredibly fast shipping (99.99% of the time we ship within 1 business day).   If we receive an order just before the postman arrives we will do our best to make sure it gets out that day – even at times asking the postman to catch us on his way back from his rounds to ship a late order.   Please read our testimonials – they are not made up – there are hundreds and hundreds more that are on file that we haven’t published.

Final Word:   The fountain pen community is a wonderful group of individuals worldwide – our dealings with people on forums, sellers, vendors, and our cherished customers have always been such a delight - Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. We at Fountain Pen Sacs.Com and Pen Sac-Store.Com truly appreciate everyone’s kindness and friendliness.  We hope to continue to serve the needs of repairers and restorers for many years to come.

Ewa & Larry

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Concord, New Hampshire

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