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ANNOUNCEMENT - Oct. 21, 2015
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​​To all are valued customers and friends,

Fountain Pen Sacs.Com & Pen Sac Store.Com will be closing on December 15, 2015or sooner depending on our available stock.

Five years have passed since we started selling fountain pen repair items on Ebay and our two websites: fountainpensacs.com and pensac-store.com. What started out as a part time business - to make a few extra dollars for a couple of retired people- turned into a full time business which exceeded our wildest expectations.

We have met (via emails) so many thousands of interesting people through this business – pen enthusiast like ourselves – who were friendly, cheerful, and sincere. Each day we found ourselves thinking how grateful and fortunate we were to be going down this fantastic journey.   But it is time. We are getting older and want to have time for ourselves once again.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful years we have had together. We wish each and every one of you success with your future pen repairs.      Larry and Ewa

PLEASE NOTE: We will try to keep our website up to date with available stock. However, if you place an order and the item is no longer available we will refund the purchase price of that item(s) and ship the remainder of the order.

                                    December 15, 2015 - The time has come to bid ADIEU 

                                                   Thank you to the fountain pen community for allowing us to serve your pen                                                             repair needs all these years. You are truly a very unique and wonderful group                                                       of people. Your sincere, heartfelt and caring response to our closing
                                                    announcement was overwhelming – we received hundreds of emails of well                                                         wishes – it was incredible and so much appreciated.  

                                                    In a time where cursive is no longer taught in many schools and is fast                                                                   becoming a lost art, most of today’s generation will never know the beauty of                                                         writing with such fine instruments. For us, and we know most of our customer’s                                                     feel the same, there is absolutely nothing like writing with a fountain pen. To                                                         that end, we hope our services in some small way supported and promoted          their use. Not only for our generation but for the generation below us (our children) and possibly even for the
  ​ generation below them (our grandchildren).  We sincerely hope all of your pen repairs and restorations are
  ​ successful.


   Ewa and Larry


photo larry & Ewa